Why am I here?

“If a person’s soul is truly a pattern, then it can be realized in different media. Wherever that pattern exists in a sufficiently fine-grained way, then it is, by my definition, the soul itself and not some kind of ‘mere simulation’ of it.”

— Douglas Hofstadter


When I asked myself why I wanted to create a web site, I drew upon some of the ideas that Professor Douglas Hofstadter presented in his book, I Am a Strange Loop. As I understood it, each of us contains within us memories of others that form a pattern that is unique to that person. The more we know that person, the closer that pattern begins to resemble the true person.


When we share our memories, experiences, time and talents with one another we “grow our souls”. It seems to me that to learn, grow and share are among the primary purposes of our existence. And that is why I am here. Thanks for playing along.


If you’re interested in learning more about Douglas Hofstadter and his ideas, you might enjoy this interview.